Unpublished Research

The Seductive Celibacy: Aristophanes’ Lysistrata and the Modern Art of Seduction

The paper was written for the M. Phil. course of Greek Tragedy, for Dr. Amra Raza, and was awarded a B+. The paper argues that the play in question describes Lysistrata’s seductive strategy to stop the soldiers from going to the war can be studied in the light of recent literature on the art of seduction.

Law of the Beast: Volpone’s Hunt-Game in Jonson’s Volpone

Another paper written in the course of M. Phil., argues that Jonson’s Volpone is primarily about the hunting tactics of the protagonist. The paper was award straight A.

Scarred Phallus: Oswald’s Separation and (Re)Union with the M/Other in Ibsen’s Ghosts

Research was carried out on Ibsen’s play Ghosts while preparing for my dissertation. The paper was awarded an A+.

Clash of the Extremes: The Wahhabi Islam and Fundamentalist Christianity from Pre-Divided British India to 9/11 and Beyond

Now available on the internet under the Creative Commons License, this paper was written for a magazine that was in planning.

The White-Bled Jasmin Garden: Federico Garcia Lorca’s Dona Rosita la Soltera as a Spanish Tragedy

A short paper analyzing Lorca’s play, arguing that it is more of a tragedy than a comedy.

Jacques Derrida’s “Aphorisms Countertime”

A short paper written on one of Derrida’s short essays while condunting research on deconstruction and post-deconstructionist theories.

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